Host Color Review

Note: This is non-tested review. We did not host an account at HostColor when writing this review.

Host Color was founded in Europe in January of 2000. The company later moved to the United States in 2002, and in 2003 it has begun operating its own data center based out of South Bend, Indiana. The European entity has been transformed to what Host Color Europe is today.

The company’s first CEO, Dimitar Avramov, is also the founder of Host Color, LLC and the current supervisor of operations. Host Color is an ARIN member and operates low-latency network Autonomous System (AS) 46873 with multiple peering agreements. Peering partners include Google, Akamai, IBM, TDS Telecom, SupraNet, ViaWest, Telus, Vocus International Backbone, Taiwan Internet Gateway, Cloudflare and Twitter.

Host Color Hosting Plans in A Glance

Host Color offers a variety of different hosting and web services, including the following –

Fully Managed Shared Account (FMSA) and Unmanaged Shared Hosting

Host Color offers a Management service to shared hosting customers, which is quite unique as most companies which offer shared hosting does not provide management services.

The company has both Fully Managed Shared Accounts (FMSA) and standard, Unmanaged shared hosting plans.

The FMSA hosting includes:

  • Dedicated IPv4 Address (per client request);
  • Domain Validated SSL certificate (per client request);
  • Initial web hosting account technical audit, review, setup and optimization;
  • Uptime monitoring;
  • Computing resource utilization and optimization;
  • Installation and management of premium Website Traffic Analytics Installation;
  • Management and troubleshooting of WordPress based websites and plugins;
  • Free WordPress website design themes;
  • Installation, technical administration and troubleshooting of all Open Source software applications, part of Softaculous auto installer software library;
  • Code and debugging of all Softaculous listed Open Source apps (up to 2 hours/month. Additional hours are charged at $14.95/hour);
  • Database, File & Email setup management (up to 3 hours/month. Additional hours a charged at $14.95/hour);
  • Security hardening Domain and DNS management;
  • Web Hosting account maintenance, internal service management and optimization;
  • Troubleshooting;
  • All Fully Managed Service Account (FMSA) account holders on annual contracts are eligible to receive complimentary Online business consulting services.

Shared hosting plans are named Multi Website; E-Commerce, Social Web, CMS Hosting and Blog Hosting.

FMSA vs Unmanaged Shared Hosting

A customer can decide whether to buy Unmanaged or Fully Managed Shared Account (FMSA) on the plan’s customization page. Host Color’s suggests small business owners who are not familiar with the website & IT hosting software technologies, to save time and money on maintenance fees by signing up for a FMSA account. Anyone who has basic skills in cPanel, FTP, HTML and coding would choose Unmanaged Shared plans.

The company also offers a shared plan called “Custom Hosting”. Unlike the preconfigured shared hosting services, this plan is fully customizable and you can choose each and every detail. A Customer of  “Custom Hosting” can start with fewer computing resources and easily to scale up, based on demand.

All Host Color shared hosting plans – both Fully Managed and Unmanaged – feature a fault-tolerant storage. The customer’s data is hosted on a high quality Storage Area Network, which features redundancy on RAID 10 protected storage. Host Color’s uses QSAN high quality storage technologies to provide its shared hosting customers with the best possible data protection services.

Fully Managed Shared Account (FMSA) Storage Bandwidth Yearly Price
Multi Website 75 GB, RAID-10 protected 999 GB $947.88
e-Commerce 51.2 GB, RAID-10 protected 999 GB $815.88
Social Web 30.7 GB, RAID-10 protected 153.6 GB $719.88
CMS 20.5 GB , RAID-10 protected 102.4 GB $59.88
Blog 10.2 GB , RAID-10 protected 51.2 GB $275.88


Unmanaged Shared Hosting Storage Bandwidth Yearly Price
Multi Website 75 GB, RAID-10 protected 999 GB $95.88
e-Commerce 51.2 GB, RAID-10 protected 999 GB $95.88
Social Web 30.7 GB, RAID-10 protected 153.6 GB $71.88
Blog 10.2 GB , RAID-10 protected 51.2 GB $47.88

Cloud Hosting

Host Color offers VMware cCloud based Cloud servers. You can choose between a fully customizable SSD Cloud server named “Customer Build SSD VPS” and five preconfigured Cloud server plans – SSD Cloud Budget, SSD Cloud Plus, SSD Cloud Start, SSD Cloud Advance, and SSD Cloud Power. Customers can scale up instantly to the higher Cloud SSD server plan should their requirements increase. All Host Color Cloud SSD Servers can be used with either Linux or Windows, and include two IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, as well as 24/7 support.

Dedicated Hosting

Host Color’s main data center is based out of of South Bend, Indiana. All Dedicated hosting services feature the low latency at any point in North America thanks to Host Color’s impressive North American peering services. Host Color’s AS46873 peers to a number of high profile Internet networks, including Google, Akamai, IBM/Softlayer, TDS Telecom, Telus, Vocus International Backbone, Taiwan Internet Gateway, Cloudflare, Twitter and more than 70 other International and national networks. Host Color’s dedicated hosting services also provide you with the ability to monitor critical business apps and provide scalable, dedicated servers, fault-tolerant hard drives and SSD, IPv4 space, and cPANEL.


The company’s traditional Virtual Private Servers hosted on standalone physical servers come both as Fully Managed (FM VPS) or as Unmanaged. Host Color provides OpenVZ VPs and Kernel-based Virtual Machines (KVM).

Both are manageable with Solus VM VPS control panel. The OpenVZ VPS are only Linux OS based, while the Kernel-based Virtual Machines could be Linux or Windows. Each VPS can be customized depending on the customer’s software requirements. This means that a VPS owner can install any control panel (including cPanel/WHM, Plesk, DirectAdmin, Webmin, and Kloxo) to use any version of MySQL, PHP, Perl, Python or any other Open Source software application. All VPS plans also come with free set-up and there are no limits on hosted websites.


Host Color colocates customers’ server and equipment in its South Bend, IN based, Midwest U.S. data center. The company uses APC/Schneider Electric IT enclosure cabinets and power management technologies. Colocation starts from 1U to full 42U and 48U cabinets. Colocation customers take advantage of Host Color’s reasonable remote hands rates and management fees which start as low as $39/hour.

All colocation customers are able to remotely reboot (switch on / switch off) their equipment from the power outlets. Another value-added service (extra $29/mo) that Colocation customers can use is “Network Performance Monitoring & Traffic Analyzer” (NPMTA). It helps them to to understand and analyze their bandwidth usage, to monitor business critical applications and network utilization. Through NPMTA Server owners can monitor network utilization and data transfer usage on their Internet ports by: Application, User, Protocol and Location.

Another complimentary add-on service to Host Color’s Colocation customers is the free off-rack storage, which allows company’s colocation customers to store equipment at no additional cost.

Disaster Recovery 

Host Color’s Disaster Recovery (DR) offer anyone who needs business continuity services and opportunity to implement a DR plan at low power costs ($18 per amp / 110 Volt power) , while using premium connectivity.

Host Color Special Discount, Promo Code: NEWVPS

Promo code: NEWVPS – Save 15% on all VPS and Cloud Hosting Plans
Promotional code NEWVPS provides 15% instant savings on any VPS hosted on stand-alone server or on VMware based Cloud Servers of The discount code is valid for all VPS and Cloud instances hosted at Host Color’s Midwest U.S. data center, based out of South Bend, Indiana.

 What’s Good about Host Color

There are a number of advantages to opting to host with Host Color, here are four things I like most about Host Color.

Low-latency network with multiple peering partners

Host Color makes use of a low latency network in conjunction with multiple peering partners, which makes the service an excellent option for application hosting, streaming media, and cloud-based services that require fast and low latency Internet connectivity.

For your reference, here are the samples of Round Trip Delay published on Host Color website.

Indiana Local

  • South Bend, IN: 0.6 ms
  • Granger, IN: 1.0 ms
  • Elkhart, IN: 5.1 ms
  • Lafayette, IN: 5.2 ms
  • Indianapolis, IN: 8 ms
  • Bloomington, IN: 11 ms
  • Fort Wayne, IN: 12.4 ms
  • Education Networks of America, Inc. (ENA), IN, TN, ID: 8 ms – 18 ms


  • Chicago, IL: 4 ms
  • Milwaukee, WI: 7.9 ms
  • St. Louis, MO: 9.7 ms
  • Detroit, MI: 10.1 ms
  • Cincinnati, OH: 11.5 ms
  • Dayton, OH: 13.7 ms
  • Columbus, OH: 18.8 ms
  • Cleveland, OH: 16 ms

United States Nationwide (30.7 ms average)

  • Louisville, KY: 12.4 ms
  • Washington, DC: 20 ms
  • Ashburn, VA: 20.5 ms
  • Atlanta, GA: 21.2 ms
  • New York, NY: 23.3 ms
  • Nashville, TN: 24 ms
  • Newark, NJ: 26 ms
  • Washington, DC: 21.6 ms
  • Dallas, TX: 23.7 ms
  • Salt Lake City, UT: 24 ms
  • Austin, TX: 27.4 ms
  • Philadelphia, PA: 29 ms
  • Charlotte, NC: 29.4 ms
  • Florida (State average): 32.2 ms
  • Miami, FL: 31.1 ms
  • Denver, CO: 32.1 ms
  • Boston, MA: 32.3 ms
  • Phoenix, AZ: 46.1 ms
  • Kansas City, MO: 41.2 ms
  • Seattle, WA: 46 ms
  • Los Angeles, CA: 56.7 ms


  • Toronto, Canada: 20.2 ms
  • Montreal, Canada: 25.4 ms
  • Vancouver, BC, Canada: 58.4 ms

Europe (120.48 ms average)

  • London, UK: 93 ms
  • Paris, France: 99 ms
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands: 99.5 ms
  • Lille, France: 99.1 ms
  • Glasgow, UK: 106.5 ms
  • Brussels, BE: 104 ms
  • Frankfurt, Germany: 111.9 ms
  • Munich, Germany: 112 ms
  • Zurich, Switzerland: 144.9 ms
  • Athens, Greece: 165.2 ms
  • Istanbul, Turkey: 145.5 ms
  • Barselona, Spain: 115 ms
  • Madrid, Spain: 119.2 ms
  • Lisbon, Portugal: 154.1 ms
  • Dublin, Ireland: 115.3 ms
  • Antwerp, Belgium: 108.9 ms
  • Copenhagen, Denmark: 111.1 ms
  • Stockholm, Sweden: 123.1 ms
  • Oslo, Norway: 122.8 ms
  • Budapest, Hungary: 130.7 ms
  • Bucharest, Romania: 136.7 ms
  • Moscow, Russia: 157.5 ms

South America (167.4 ms average)

  • Buenos Aires, Argentina: 182.2 ms
  • Sao Paulo, Brazil: 152.6 ms

Asia (233.61 ms average)

  • Tokyo, Japan: 148.3 ms
  • Seol, Korea: 174.3 ms
  • Taipei, Taiwan: 191.8 ms
  • Jakarta, Indonesia: 245.5 ms
  • Mumbai, India: 264.0 ms
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: 234.9 ms
  • Bangkok, Thailand: 267.4 ms
  • Hong Kong, China: 202.6 ms
  • Singapore: 224.1 ms

Australia & New Zeeland (232.96 ms average)

  • Sydney, Australia: 261.8 ms
  • Melbourne, Australia: 222.7 ms
  • Auckland, New Zealand: 214.4 ms

Africa (210.7 average)

  • Cape Town, South Africa: 244.5 ms
  • Cairo, Egypt: 159.6 ms
  • Accra, Ghana: 228.0 ms

Excellent colocation hosting capabilities

Host Color is an excellent choice for colocation hosting, with 100-percent uptime, an SLA guarantee, a fully redundant network, and MidWest US peering. Furthermore, the service also boasts an array of value added services, including network performance monitoring and traffic analysis capabilities, remote power reboot servers, and real-time performance reporting.

References: Host Color’s Midwestern US Data center (Based in South Bend, IN)

Photo captions (from left to right, top to bottom): 1. The front door of the facility, 2. Servers in isolated private cages, 3. Another private cage, 4. HVAC units, 5. 20U Rittal lockable compartment, and 6.facility entrance.
Photo captions (from left to right, top to bottom): 1. The front door of the facility, 2. Servers in isolated private cages, 3. Another private cage, 4. HVAC units, 5. 20U Rittal lockable compartment, and 6.facility entrance.

A long, traceable business history

Host Color isn’t just another fly-by-night hosting company. One of the major advantages of the company and its services is its impeccable reputation. Host Color has established itself as one of the most trusted IT hosting providers in the MidWestern US, with excellent technical capabilities and excellent customer service.

Affordable cloud hosting

Host Color cloud servers are based VMware Virtualization and are hosted on Intel data center edition Solid State Drives. The entry level custom built SSD VDS is a fully scalable cloud service which starts at only $15/month for 10 GB SSD storage? 1024 MB RAM and 1 CPU core.

Impressive uptime guarantee

Host Color is the only shared hosting provider that guarantees 100% uptime backed by SLA (see quotes below).

100% guarantee (Network Uptime): Host Color will reimburse 5% of the monthly fee paid for use of web hosting services for every 30 minutes that there is a disruption in the availability of the network (Network Downtime). The maximum amount of credit that customer is eligible to receive can reach is 100% of the fee paid by the Customer to use the services that were not available.

 Important to know

Overall, Host Color is an excellent option if you are looking for a hosting service. It’s meaningless to try and compare Host Color to other hosting services, as the company truly is in a class of its own, with an unrivaled focus on quality and hand-to-hand services. However, there are a few things you should know if you are considering Host Color.

1. The website,, isn’t as easy to use as others

Unfortunately, the Host Color site is a bit difficult to use. There is a ton of text in different font styles all tumbled together, which can make things difficult to navigate.

2. What Host Color’s Fully Managed Website Hosting has to offer

Note that you should consider Host Color’s “Fully Managed Shared Hosting” (FMSA) service only if you want to outsource the management of you web hosting account to Host Color in full. According to Host Color this is a service that works great for Small Business Owners, who would save a lot of time and money on annual basis through outsourcing the technical administration of their websites and hosting accounts to Host Color, instead of administering them on their own.

If the website owners have enough skills and enough time to manage web hosting accounts on their own, Host Color recommends them to sign up for the cheaper self managed web hosting plans. The following is quoted from my Q&A with Mr. Dimitar Avramov on this matter.

The price of managed and unmanaged web hosting are very different. Specifically what services are included in your managed hosting plan? has few different Managed service products. We are probably the web hosting provider (or at least one of the very few) to offer Managed Shared web hosting”. It is called Fully Managed Shared Account (FMSA).


FMSA is a service that offers business owners to outsource the technical management of their websites and Shared hosting accounts to Host Color. It features:

  1. Dedicated IPv4 Address (per client request)
  2. Domain Validated SSL certificate (per client request)
  3. Initial web hosting account technical audit, review, setup and optimization
  4. Uptime monitoring
  5. Computing resource utilization and optimization
  6. Installation and management of premium Website Traffic Analytics
  7. Installation, management and troubleshooting of WordPress based websites and plugins. Free WordPress website design themes.
  8. Installation, technical administration and troubleshooting of all Open Source software applications, part of Softaculous auto installer software library
  9. Code and debugging of all Softaculous listed Open Source apps (up to 2 hours per month. Additional hours are charged at $14.95/hour)
  10. Database, File & Email setup management (up to 3 hours per month. Additional hours a charged at $14.95/hour)
  11. Security hardening
  12. Domain and DNS management
  13. Web Hosting account maintenance, internal service management and optimization
  14. Troubleshooting
  15. Online business consulting for all Fully Managed Service Account (FMSA) account holders on annual contracts

Managed VPS

When it comes to Virtualized servers (VPS) we have a service called FM VPS (Fully Managed VPS). It includes 2 hours of system administration per month and features: Initial Set-up, IP management, OS instalation and maintenance, Antivirus and Antispam installation, Reboots, VPS recovery, Control Panel updates, Resource monitoring. The cost is $39/month.

Managed Dedicated Server

Host Color’s FMDS (Fully Managed Dedicated Server) features up to 4 hours of system administration per month for 1 dedicated server. It allows our customers to outsource the technical administration of their dedicated servers to Host Color. The FMDS includes: Initial server set-up, IP management, OS installation and maintenance, Security Hardening, Server side resource optimization (optimization of clients’s software apps or 3 party software is not included). Antivirus and Anti-Spam installation, Reboots, System recovery, Control Panel updates, Resource monitoring. FMDS management service costs $99/month. However we offer a FMDS Light service with reduced hours, up to 2 hours of management service per month and it costs $49.95/month

3. Variable money back guarantee

It should be noted that Host Color’s money-back guarantee does vary between hosting plans.

For all shared hosting services, Host Color offers a 30-day money-back guarantee covering all shared hosting services (the guarantee excludes any set-up fees and one-time fees that might apply, such as third-party software, services, or products).

However, reseller hosting accounts and VPS hosting accounts are only guaranteed a 15-day money-back guarantee, and in the case of VPS hosting accounts, if you have actively used the VPS (in other words, you have used bandwidth and VPs resources) for more than seven days, you aren’t eligible for a full refund. The refund policy of dedicated hosting services is contingent on the type of contract you’ve signed. Therefore, before you sign up for Color Host, you want to do a bit of research to fully understand the money-back guarantee policy that is applicable to the services you’ve purchased.

Quoting Host Color’s TOS  –

Amounts that the customer has paid for the use of hosting services are subject to financial guarantees as follows:

a) Web (Website) Hosting – 30-day money back guarantee
b) Fully Managed Shared Hosting (FMSA) – 30-day for hosting fee. Managed fee is non-refundable
c) Reseller Accounts – 15 – 30 days money back guarantee
d) Virtual Private Servers – 15-day money back guarantee
e) Dedicated Servers (Server Bargains) – no money back guarantee, if not expressly entered into a contract
f) Colocation Hosting – no money back guarantee
g) Cloud Servers – 5 days money back guarantee

Conclusion: Should You Choose Host Color?

Host Color is an excellent hosting option and is especially suitable for those looking for enterprise-level hosting. It also incredibly advantageous for those who want a reliable premium hosting option, as the experts take care of every aspect of the hosting process, and those who need professional advice for site performance optimization.

To learn more or order, please visit Host Color online: